We're experienced

Our team of experienced senior architects each have more than 17 years of industry experience. We only employ staff who are dedicated to delivering exceptional architectural service. Clients work directly with Principals or experienced senior staff on all projects to ensure a quality personalised service. We are sought after because of our knowledge bank in building regulations and town planning requirements. We are known to think ahead and foresee risks and costs before they have a chance of raising their heads!

We're easy to work with

Personable long term relationships mean we can be an extension of our client's team with trusted reliable service. We pride ourselves on talking in laymen’s terms, being down to earth, and for our active listening to your needs. We are known to pick things up quickly, call a spade a spade, and to be there for you at short notice during the intense stages of your project.

We're dedicated to quality

8i Architects is a boutique firm, committed to providing its clients the highest quality service. We have a stringent recruitment process in place to ensure that we only employ highly experienced architects and draftsman possessing that ‘extra edge’ in terms of flexibility and critical thinking. This allows 8i Architects to provide effective individually tailored solutions for all of our clients’ specific design needs. We look beyond the planning of the initial construction of a building to give a solution that ensures a superior return on investment for the life of the building. Our price is not above that of our competitors; it just includes a lot more!

We're agile and efficient

Being a smaller business allows us to be flexible in our approach and tailor design solutions to your specific project needs. We specialise in delivering project documentation with tight deadlines and being accessible with next to no notice.Our team have different strengths to complement each other which means you reap the synergies of robust brainstorming!

We're team players

As attested to by the large number of repeat customers we work with. We fit in easily with your team and can provide a personalised service no matter how big or small your project requirements may be. Our team members are professional, approachable and take pride in their work by giving each project their best. Our clients are impressed by how quickly we are respected by other professions and trades! They say it is because we can talk their lingo and we proactively collaborate to drive the best outcomes. 

We want to know about you

We understand that each client's requirements are specific. To tailor the design to your specific needs we provide an in-depth investigation to understand the motivations behind your project needs. We have a reputation for our ability to think outside the box, take the time to understand your business and the workflow needs and provide a solution that enables your business to thrive!