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Sigma Pharmaceutical Distribution Centre

Name: Sigma Pharmaceutical Distribution Centre
Date: August 2017
Client: Sigma Pharmaceutical
Builder: FK Gardner & Sons
Category: Industrial, Commercial


8i Architects was engaged to complete the design and documentation of the Sigma Pharmaceutical Distribution Centre in Berrinba. The warehouse occupied a greenfield site in an industrial precinct and has a floor area of 15,000m² comprising an air-conditioned warehouse and two 1,000m2 offices.

Designed to accommodate the warehousing and distribution of medicinal products, the facility operates to meet World Health Organisation standards and Australian Code of Good Wholesaling Practice for Medicines.

The design required co-ordination of the warehouse building with the complex internal fitout of the complicated conveying system, automated racking and picking machines, specialised machinery and specific storage requirements of a range of medicinal products.

To accommodate the required functions and exacting brief, the warehouse was designed specifically to Sigma Pharmaceutical's requirements.

The warehouse complex incorporated security considerations and associated external pavements, car parking and landscaping.

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