Laidley State High School Official Opening

8i Architects is excited to see our newly designed $10M Laidley State High School Learning Centre officially opened.

8i Architects Director Hieu Nguyen with Hon. Grace Grace Minister for Education and Mr Michael Clarkson Laidley State High School Principal
Laidley SHS Creative Precinct Official Opening with Hon Minister Grace Grace

Education Minister Grace says the new building will make a "world of difference to the students and staff" at this regional school.

The Learning Centre serves a number of purposes, housing both a Trade Precinct and Creative Arts Precinct for students. The Trade Precinct contains engineering, building and design classrooms, while the Creative Arts Precinct supports music, hospitality, dance, film and television rooms and a green room.

Laidley State High School Principal Michael Clarkson has welcomed the new facilities.

“This development, that has delivered modern, contemporary style facilities and a wide range of up-to-date resources, provides our students with outstanding educational opportunities,” Mr Clarkson says.

We're delighted to continue our longstanding history of delivering major education projects all over Queensland.

8i Architect Director Hieu Nguyen with Mr Jim McDonald MP

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