Toowoomba Courthouse Exterior Refurbishment Oct 2015

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Toowoomba Courthouse exterior refurbishment is complete!

A great transformation of the existing 1976 Courthouse.

Thanks to our consultants Glynn Tucker Consulting Engineers, MultiTech Solutions, Bim88 and FKG Builders and all the great subcontractors who worked on the project for a quality outcome.

View from Hume Street at night. The feature and security lighting highlights the form of the building. Energy efficient LED lights are used throughout the refurbishment.

Toowoomba Courthouse during the day.

Forecourt of the Toowoomba Courthouse. The whole area was retiled to refresh the Courthouse entry area.

View of the Courthouse from Hume street footpath.

View of the Entry Stairs and new Entry Awning.

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