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Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition

Name: Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition

Date: 27-Oct-2004

Client: A + U Japan Architect

Category: Competitions


House of Multiple Dimensions with HappenInc, 2004

Einstein’s discoveries (over eighty years ago) overthrew Newtonian ideas, and yet most of us still see space and time in absolute terms, while the passage of time depends on our state of motion. In ‘The Elegant Universe,’ Brian Greene seeks to resolve the incompatibles of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics through String Theory, requiring that we drastically change our understanding of space, matter, and time....


A small house based on the String Theory acts as an experimental probe into an architecture of more than four dimensions. The experiential phenomenon of the house has been illustrated in a series of collages. Each of the four dimensions are explored extending the premise in Edwin Abbott's classic tale of interdimensional experience "Flatland: A romance of many dimensions". Materials, from molecular aspects to geometric properties are incorporated with space and time.

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