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Toowoomba Courthouse

Name: Toowoomba Courthouse External Refurbishment
Date: 02-Nov-2015
Client: Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General
Builder: FKG Group
Category: Government


8i Architects were appointed by the Queensland Government to be the Architect and Project Manager on the rectification works and exterior refurbishment of the Toowoomba Courthouse.

Rectification works included the replacement of a leaking box gutter on the roof of the courthouse that was causing large pieces of concrete to delaminate from the existing concrete façade.

8i Architects also took the opportunity to clad the Courthouse building and update the 1970’s brutalist concrete façade with a contemporary lightweight material. The new façade was then complemented with new energy efficient LED lighting, new security cameras and new stormwater drainage. A new front entry awning was also installed to cover the entry stairs and rectify the existing roof leak at the building.

8i Architects are proud that this project provided employment to the local community through the employment of numerous local subcontractors.

Photographer: 8i Architects

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