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Mountain Creek State High School

Name: Mountain Creek State High School New Multi-Storey GLA Building
Date: June - 2019
Client: Department of Education, Qld Government.
Builder: FK Gardner & Sons
Category: Educational, Government


8i Architects were engaged to design and document a new $16.4 million multi-storey Learning Centre at Mountain Creek State High School. The centre accommodates senior students and includes 16 new general learning areas, two flexible learning areas, three STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning spaces, three science labs, two robotics labs, two collaborative spaces, a staff space and amenities.

​With over 10 years of designing and documenting educational facilities, 8i Architects was engaged by the FK Gardner & Sons to design and document a new three storey GLA building at Mountain Creek State High School on the Sunshine Coast. This project was able to be successfully managed by 8i Architects' Brisbane office.

​Hieu Nguyen and Jeremy Haldane were the project architects.

​The siting of the building was changed by 8i Architects to ensure the school's operation of 2,100 students was not disrupted by the construction of the new building.

The project was completed on time and within budget.

​Photographer: 8i Architects + FKG

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