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8i Architects - Continuity Of Business

To our valued clients, consultants and collaborators

Given the rapidly shifting situation relating to COVID-19 and the unfolding public health emergency, 8i Architects remains open with a proactive approach to help minimise the impact of this pandemic.

8i Architects can assure our clients that we have business continuity and contingency measures in place so that our clients' projects can continue with minimal disruption.

We have built resilience into our operations, supported by our investments in cloud based technology and remote access.

  • We utilise the Google Cloud & Email platforms that similarly allows for real-time co-working in documents, spreadsheets, specifications and related industry requirements.

  • We can communicate with customers and consultants remotely through Zoom meetings.

Given the growing concerns of COVID-19 Coronavirus, we are implementing measures to help reduce the spread and provide tangible benefits to our clients:

  1. We have ceased all domestic and international travel for the foreseeable future.

  2. We are taking all the necessary steps advised by public health guidelines and WHO advice.

  3. We are asking, wherever possible, that clients, consultants and suppliers do not visit our offices unless critical to do so.

  4. We are equipped to facilitate direct client participation via Zoom Video Conferencing.In the event of self isolation, or government lock-down we provide you with confidence that 8i Architects has the ability to maintain continuity from key staff members. Your projects and safety are our priority.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis and it is important that we approach our conduct with a sense of calm and responsibility. 

8i Architects will maintain ongoing communication with you - our clients, consultants and collaborators and we hope that you remain safe and well. We appreciate your understanding during this time. 8i Architects Team

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