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Alderley Residence

Name: Alderley Residence
Date: 10-May-2012
Client: Private Residence
Builder: John Crawford Construction
Category: Residential


An existing pre-1946 timber cottage on a 809m² suburban block located in a Brisbane City Council Character/Demolition Control Precinct.

Designed for a young family, priority was given to utilising as much of the existing house as possible without requiring major reconfiguration and instead direct the construction budget toward providing new open plan living areas more suited to a contemporary sub-tropical family lifestyle.

The existing house was raised and moved toward one side of the block allowing a double storey extension to the side of the existing house, retaining the rear yard and garden as an open area for outdoor living and play areas for the client's children.

Living areas were moved to the ground floor, providing better access to the garden and outdoor areas as well as ensuring increased privacy from the adjoining properties.

Photographer: Taylormade Digital Images

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